Oct 16

Together, You and ODM Can Help Haiti

We all know the destruction on Haiti is horrible. Lives and livelihoods destroyed. You can help through a trusted intermediary to get aid to one isolated area – the island of La Gonave where One Door has been working since 2013. Scroll through the six panels of the iamge below to read how One Door Ministries has initiated a multi-church partnership to get relief money to the people of La Gonave quickly. Please consider joining the financial response by clicking the “DONATE” below and sending to the Haiti Relief Fund through PayPal and One Door Ministries.


One hard hit area was the island of La Gonave. You won’t hear so much about that damage because they are, as they call themselves, man-in-house-in-blue-shirt-img_2522“the forgotten people” – powerless poor on an island 18 miles off the coast of Haiti in the Bay of Port au Prince. Steve has worked there since 2013; we have many friends on the island, and all have been affected by the storm. Some lost homes and goods, some lost roof and goods, some lost walls and goods, and some … sadly, some lost family and friends.

Aug 16

Letter to Men in La Gonave in Class of 2017

August 18, 2016

Dear Friends and Co-laborers in the Gospel,

Greetings in name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that His grace and mercy have found you and sustained you this summer, and have prepared you for the next year of study Continue reading →

Apr 16


WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE … the publication of our “Basic Training” manual for Christians in Creole. Working with Presbyterian Ministry Haiti, One Door Ministries has published a Kreyul (Haitian Creole) language edition of the Westminster Catechism for Children. It is available directly from this Createspace link. The book is intended for use by instructors who will teach the content orally. A single copy is $6.99 plus $3.59 for S&H = total $10.58. Please share this info with other individuals and organizations engaged in missions in Haiti. For multiple copies and teacher’s guide info, please contact “steve” @ “onedoorministries.org”.


Dec 15

NOW ONLINE and in the mail… EOY15

One Door’s “End of Year” Report for 2015 is in the mail! Watch for a paper copy, or read it digitally here and now. And give thanks with us to the Lord for the wonderful things He is doing through One Door Ministries on the island of La Gonave off the coast of Haiti.

ODM EOY 2015 page 1 ODM EOY 2015 page 2 ODM EOY 2015 page 3 ODM EOY 2015 page 4

Exciting things are going on, thanks to the whole team at ODM – student pastors, team missionaries, visiting instructors, board members, prayer supporters, financial partners and, most important, the pastors who attend classes once or twice a week for 8 to 10 hours on La Gonave in Haiti. The Lord uses ALL of you to make His plans come to fruit.


Nov 15

New Blog Entries Are Below!


We are having a great year! Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Nov 15


AS I TEACH TODAY, I have come close to tears several times. We try to review last week’s lesson – give us this day our daily bread – and I keep thinking about the abandoned babies.
We try to answer the eternal questions: How can we preach and teach the goodness of God in the face of such evil and desperation?

How can we teach our congregations that they should use the Lord’s Prayer including the “fourth petition” – give us this day our daily bread – while concurrently trying to find solutions for two unnamed and abandoned infants?

It is a day for interference – the guest lecturer does not arrive online. The phone connection with Haiti goes dead. Then just as I begin to explain my small answer to the hard questions, the internet breaks off and I am sitting an hour later still waiting.

But those are not the hard tearful things.

As we talk about the harsh situation, the pastors speak of other people they of their acquaintance who are starving to death and could abandon their children. I can adjust my tie and think about the steaming cup of soup Karen will be bringing soon to the office, rich with beef, and about two naked babies starving and cold in the woods.

As we talk about the harsh situation, the pastors speak of the long treks their congregants make just to collect fresh water. I look at the can of Fresca and the five gallon bottle of filtered water on my desk, and think about the draught that kills crops and families near Anse A Galets.

Perhaps a glass of red wine with dinner?

Then somehow we get the conversation back to the questions. Can we pray for daily bread, and teach others to do likewise, in the face of killing draughts and killing famines?
Finally someone says, “Tout bagay krasè,” And the men respond, “Men pou graz a nan Jezi.” Everything is broken … but for the grace of Jesus Christ.

We talk about truth: the evil in this world, the draughts and famines and robberies and floods and earthquakes and murders and cholera, are a result of our fall into sin in the beginning. Were it not for the love of God the Father, the grace of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, the trinity acting in concert to work salvation, we would ALL still live outside the Garden of Eden lost in total despair, captive by the forces of evil in the world. But God is the strong tower, those in His kingdom can run to it and be safe there.

Our class today was not on deep theology. Rather, it was on deep truth and deep peace.
We cannot solve the problems of Haiti or La Gonave. Sin is the root problem, Jesus Christ is our only hope, and one small organization and its friends can only do so much, especially in the case of regional draught and famine affecting hundreds just in one small area.

But we can show grace and love to two starving babies abandoned in the woods.

How will you help?

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

BTW: You can send donations thru paypal to
or for credit card donations
go to the onedoorministries.org home page.

Identify your gift as “General Ministry” or “Haitian Orphans”

Nov 15


long post …

Our partner on La Gonave, Pastor Agones, has interceded in an emergency situation – two abandoned babies were found in the woods. He and the pastors who comprise the One Door Ministries Training Group have responded sacrificially, but outside assistance is needed. Below is the letter I received from Ago last Friday. He used a dictionary to help go from Creole to English, so I have provided a sentence by sentence paraphrase.

If you can help, please send funds through PayPal to
attention or note “Haitian Babies”.

Small amounts add up!

IMG_1309The story, in summary, is this: On Thursday last week, Nov 12th, a teacher in a small village some miles west of our teaching center in Anse A Galet, La Gonave, Haiti, found two babies who had been abandoned in the forest for three days. The mom and dad are out of money and resources, so they abandoned the smallest of their eleven children to the forest. A local teacher found them, and called Ago. The ODM pastors sent a truck to retrieve the babies and had them taken to the hospital. Now the boy, about 18 months old, has been released and is in a small orphanage Ago maintains. The girl, about 6 months old, is still in the hospital. Care in the hospital runs about $30 per day and is needed until the baby is rehydrated, nourished and strengthened. A woman is staying with her. Extra care for the older baby is necessary and runs about $10 to $15 a day.

(PLEASE NOTE: the pastors who took on this care are themselves also in crisis, as is everyone on La Gonave. They struggle to feed their families through subsistence farming and receive no income from their work as pastors.)

We would like to raise support such that we can send the One Door Ministries pastors team at least $750, which will be enough for about three weeks of intense care for the two babies.
This is a crisis – but it is only the most dramatic of many crises in Haiti. Your help now will knock a hole in at least one problem. As a small group, we cannot hope to overcome the national problems of Haiti or even the regional problem of an island off shore. But WE CAN BY GRACE help with this one situation.

If you can participate, please send your funds to supporters @ onedoorministries dot org, with a note “Haitian Babies”. All funds will be spent ministering to the orphans. Small amounts add up!
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, and now for your financial participation.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Steve
Ministry Team Leader
One Door Ministries

ORIGINAL are words as sent by Pastor Ago.
REPHRASED are words as paraphrased by Pastor Steve

ORIGINAL: Dear friends,
REPHRASED: needs no translation … Dear Friends,

ORIGINAL: In a rank as we are placed by the will of God, this position is a grade of receiving big petitions so sometimes our heart feels uncomfortable.
REPHRASED: Standing together, where we are placed by God, sometimes others make big requests, which is uncomfortable for those who hear and see the request.

ORIGINAL: As God is always attending a reaction from us as His representative that often requires us to figure out what God’s will is.
REPHRASED: God is always attentive to our responses; we have to figure out what God’s will is.

ORIGINAL: This is what is the case, a family of two children is in a big bad situation at this moment in a community names Trou-Louis-Jeune in the west cost of LaGonave
REPHRASED: Here is the problem: right now, in a community named Trou-Louis-Jeune in the west coast of LaGonave, a family with many children is in great trouble.

ORIGINAL: where the parents of these children have thrown them in forest because of famine, they were in lack of food their parents decided to break their relationship with them.
REPHRASED: The parents have abandoned two of their 11 children in the forest because of the famine. The parents have no food and decided to leave the youngest two in the woods to die.

ORIGINAL: Then after three days staying in the forest, a teacher of a premier school found them in the forest and picked them up to his house but, they have to go to the hospital to see doctor
REPHRASED: After three days in the forest, they were found by a teacher of a primary school. He took them up to his house but he knew they had to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

ORIGINAL: that man does not have food and money to help them see doctor so they call out for support while they find an orphanage to give them.
REPHRASED: That teacher does not have food and money to help them see a doctor. He called for support to help find an orphanage to take in the two babies.

ORIGINAL: Please I do the same, Sending the massage as to many people as soon as possible.
REPHRASED: Please hear me. I am doing the same thing. I am sending this message to as many people as I can as quickly as possible. Will you do the same? Will you help?

ORIGINAL: Blessed are those their heart are touched by the Holy God!
REPHRASED: Needs no translation, only action

ORIGINAL: Love, your servant, Agones.
REPHRASED: Love, your servant, Agones.
Many are in ire need in Haiti, especially on La Gonave. You can help in this one situation. $30 will provide a day of care. $200 will do for a week. $5 or $10 will add to the support kitty. Be a blessing today in some way for these two orphaned children.

Nov 14

Financial Planning for One Door Ministries

The new Virtual Training Center and the classroom on the island of La Gonave depend on a network of financial partners (individuals, churches and foundations) to operate. IF THIS PROGRAM IS TO CONTINUE, we must have funding.

To keep these 20 to 30 pastors in their weekly training sessions, these impoverished and isolated pastors, requires a team effort.

Working together, we can train them to be disciple makers and evangelists, proclaiming the grace of God boldly.

Your assistance with finances and prayer are important to these men, and to the work of One Door Ministries.

Our partners are led by God to support, to pray for and even to participate in the excitement of this ministry. As a 501(c)(3) recognized by the federal IRS, all donations to ODM are tax deductible.

Send your charitable giving to One Door Ministries, PO Box 453, Sardis MS 38666 USA, or via PayPal or credit card to supporters@onedoorministries.org.

Aug 14

Empowering Local Evangelists Globally

Twenty indigenous Pastors on La Gonave, Haiti, attended a 4-day seminar in early May presented by One Door Ministries. Pastor Steve, ODM’s Ministry Team Leader, co-led the “Rescued and Restored“ seminar with Pastor Agones, a leader in a 20-church network on the island. Attending pastors learned how to use the first book in the Bible, Genesis, in their evangelism and discipleship activities. The last day of the seminar, pastors from the village of Anse-a-Galet taught the “Mountain Men“ who had come down for the training! Pastors are already implementing the new approach in their own communities with success! One Door Ministries has been asked by the group to return and continue the teaching for these practically untrained pastors. We are already prepping for our next trip, hoping for early December.

Jun 14

Fantastic! The Report from La Gonave


to see the ODM newsletter

reporting on the seminar on

La Gonave, Haiti.